Tiny Talk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The purpose of this page is to provide easy to understand answers to questions we hear a lot from the Tiny Talk user community.

To the extent you’re looking for things like Tiny Talk explainer videos or resources for making it dead simple to share Tiny Talk with others in your community, check out our Resources page .

What is Tiny Talk?

Tiny Talk is a mobile app that helps to build and strengthen communities by connecting friends, family, classmates and co-workers for semi-random 7-minute 1:1 video chats. Tiny Talks are short, low-commitment and only with people you’ve approved to connect with. Whether you use Tiny Talk for your team at work, classmates at school, your volunteer group or just your family and friends, Tiny Talk is bringing back social serendipity to help build happy, healthy relationships.

How does it work?

Tiny Talk lets you sort your contacts: friends, family, work, other – or, block a contact, which means you won’t ever be matched with them. After sorting your contacts, you’ll from time to time receive an invite to join a Tiny Talk – this invite is double-blind, meaning neither you nor the person you’ll be matched with will know the identity of the other person until you both opt-in. You may also manually initiate a Tiny Talk anytime, and the functionality works exactly the same way. Once you match, you’ll be automatically connected for a seven-minute video chat. At the end of the seven minutes, the Tiny Talk ends – that’s it!

Here’s a quick video of the onboarding experience you’ll see when you download the app, which provides a quick tutorial for how to use Tiny Talk.

... another social network app? Wait but why?

We built Tiny Talk to enable friends to connect in fun, real and random ways. Our motivation to build Tiny Talk was in part fueled by the following observations:

  1. Because we are spending so much more time at home, we are missing the serendipitous encounters of everyday life. We don’t run into friends in the park and at restaurants as we used to, and our unplanned social encounters with friends have morphed into 30 minute scheduled zoom calls and hang-outs.

  2. The vast majority of existing social network tools have a one:many structure – you can post, tweet, snap, and share every waking moment, but it’s harder than ever to actually connect. Our aim with Tiny Talk is to facilitate the type of real, meaningful and spontaneous one:one interactions that we feel are missing – and to make them easy, low-commitment and fun.

All in all, our mission with Tiny Talk is to bring all of us just a little bit closer to the people we care about.

Why seven minutes?

The goal of Tiny Talk is to create a low-commitment experience that still allows for a meaningful exchange, which is why Tiny Talks are capped at seven minutes. If seven minutes is too long, you can always end the call early. Or, if your Tiny Talk sparks something and seven minutes is not enough, just call the person back! Tiny Talks are intended as hors d’oeuvres - if you’re still hungry, call them back!!

What is a Tiny Talk?

A Tiny Talk is a 7-minute 1:1 video chat. Tiny Talks are double-blind, meaning neither the person initiating a Tiny Talk nor receiving an invite to join a Tiny Talk know who they’re going to be matched with until both people opt in.

That said, when you initiate or receive an invite to join a Tiny Talk, you may control the “Group” (friends, family, etc.) or “Channel” that you initiate the Tiny Talk with. For someone receiving an invite to join a Tiny Talk, they’ll see the Group or Channel that the invite originates from.

What is a Tiny Talk Happy Hour?

A Tiny Talk Happy Hour is a pre-set time during which users – either from your personal contacts or from your Channels – come online together to match with each other for one or a series of back-to-back 1:1 video chats.

Worldwide Tiny Talk Happy Hours are hosted by the team at Tiny Talk on Thursdays at 6pm MT roughly every two weeks, and will enable you to connect with your personal contacts (approved contacts in any of your “Groups”). Channel admins may organize Tiny Talk Happy Hours whenever they want to!

What is a Tiny Talk Channel?

A Tiny Talk Channel is a place where Tiny Talk users come together around shared communities, interests or affiliations. Common examples are college or university clubs and alumni groups, work teams, volunteer groups, or online communities that share common interests (e.g. learning a foreign language).

Channel members are eligible to match with other Channel members by default (though they may block others as well). Furthermore, Tiny Talk supports a secure mechanism for Channel members to share their contact information with other members if they so choose. Channel admins are able to manage Channel membership, organize Channel-specific Tiny Talk Happy Hours, set Channel community standards, and more.

How do I get Tiny Talk?

Tiny Talk is available for download on iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store .

Can other users see when I block or sort them into a group?

Nope! Other users never know if you’ve blocked them. When you block a user, it simply means you’ll never match with them for a Tiny Talk. Similarly, other users will never if you’ve sorted them into a group or the specific name of the group you’ve sorted them into.

Why don't I see one of my contacts in my "stack" of people to sort?

Your “stack” is generated based on those of your phone contacts that have registered for Tiny Talk. If one of your contacts does not show up in your “stack” (e.g. you’re not able to sort them), it is because they have not registered for Tiny Talk or the number they registered with is not in your phone’s contacts. Invite friends to join to expand the set of people you can connect with on Tiny Talk!

How do I share Tiny Talk with my friends?

You can invite friends to Tiny Talk by pressing the “Invite” button in the top-right of the app.

Will other users see when I decline to join a Tiny Talk?

Nope! If it’s not a good time, decline away. The only time another user will identify you is after you have opted-in to a Tiny Talk and successfully matched. You can also adjust your notification preferences and availability windows in the app Settings.

Can I turn off video and just do audio chat?

Yep! Video for Tiny Talk’s are default on, but you can turn the video off if you prefer to only use voice chat.

How much does it cost?

Tiny Talk is free to download and use for everyone. Whether you’re using Tiny Talk to stay in touch for personal use, to meet others at your college or university, to help your remote team stay connected, or to increase engagement in your volunteer group, Tiny Talk is free.

What do you do with my data?

The short answer is that we don’t sell or use your data in any way other than to provide you with a great product and user experience. You can find all the nitty gritty legalese in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .

How do I get in touch to share my idea or to provide feedback?

We love hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions, ideas or feedback!

Contact us at [email protected]

How do I get support?

To contact us regarding bugs, support or to report abuse, please email us at [email protected]